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Musicians never stop learning.  From beginning band students to professional performers, we strive to improve our technical and expressive abilities.  As an educator, I meet each student at their unique point on this journey and help them grow as clarinetists, musicians, and communicators.  


As a teacher, I help my students to...

  • build a technical foundation- To make music, we need a complete set of tools: well-balanced tone, dexterous fingers, clear articulation, and substantial air support.  I use a variety of technical exercises, etudes, and solo repertoire to cultivate these tools.

  • express authentically and interpret discerningly- There is no "right way" to play music, but certain interpretations are more convincing than others.  I guide my students through musical theory, form, and varied recordings to help them create unique and insightful performances.

  • develop life-long learning habits- Studying music takes  dedication, persistence, collaboration, and critical thinking while studying music.  These skills carry students onto the concert stage and beyond.

I currently teach at the State College of Florida and Monarch Music of Naples.  Due to the global pandemic, I am taking on new students via video platform.  Contact me today for a free introductory lesson.

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